In order to add extra functionality to console, you can upload different business processes (a.k.a. Workflows) that can be found in Soffid download area and enable or disable existing ones. Existing process definition can be updated by uploading a new version.

Workflows to be deployed are very dependent on the business processes. Nevertheless, there are some workflows that any Soffid IAM installation would need and are recommended:

Deploy a workflow

To install those processes you have to access to the Soffid web Console to the next page:


After successfully upload the process, the workflow will appear depending on of the user authorizations configured in the workflow.

Disable/enable a workflow

If you want unpublish a workflow from the final users, you could do it with the buttom .

After that, the workflows is not displayed, but you can retrieve it, first with listing it with the option 

and then you could publish again with the button .

Configure document repository

Soffid can use any document repository to store documents generated by workflows, reporting addon, or any other addon.

The document repository can be either a local directory or a remote one accessed using FTP, SMB, HTTP protocols. Depending on the protocol selected, additional parameters may be needed.

For more information visit Configure Workflow Engine

A set of workflows

Below you could find a set of workflows. For more details visit the links.

In order to know more about workflows upgrade see Workflow Development Guide.


Process definitions are managed through Business process definition page (Start → Soffid Configuration).

In such a page, clicking on  you can upload new process definitions.

Then, the following information is displayed:


In order to know more about workflows upgrade see Workflow Development Guide.