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A roie object is a map that holds the information belonging to a shared account

groupIdLonggroup id
nameStringgroup name
descriptionStringgroup description
parentStringparent group name
serverStringhome server host name
disabledbooleantrue if the group is disabled
accountingGroupStringgroup accounting information
typeStringgroup type
driveLetterStringhome server letter to connect to
usersList<Map<String,Object>>list of users belonging to this group
userNamesList<String>list of user names belonging to this group
allUsersList<Map<String,Object>>list of users directly or indirectly belonging to this group
allUserNamesList<String>list of user names either directly or indirectly grantee of this role
grantedRolesList<Map<String,Object>>list of roles granted to this group
grantedRoleNamesList<String>list of role names granted to this group
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