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A roie object is a map that holds the information belonging to a shared account

roleIdLongrole id
systemStringmanaged system (agent) name
nameStringrole name
applicationStringapplication system name
categoryStringrole category
passwordProtectedbooleantrue if role should be password protected (where applicable)
descriptionStringRole description
wfmanagedbooleantrue if role should be displayed in self service requests
domainStringcustom domain for this role: Use com.soffid.iam.api.DomainType constants or configured custom domain
ownedRolesList<Map<String,Object>>list of roles granted to this one
ownerRolesList<Map<String,Object>>list of roles grantee of this one
ownerGroupsList<Map<String,Object>>list of groups grantee of this role
grantedAccountNamesList<String>list of account names directly grantee of this role
grantedAccountsList<Map<String,Object>>list of users directly grantee of this role
allGrantedAccountNamesList<String>list of account names either directly or indirectly grantee of this role
allGrantedAccountsList<Map<String,Object>>list of users either directly or indirectly grantee of this role
attributesMap<String,Object>role's custom attributes
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