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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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The Administration Addon provides to the admin user the capacity to launch custom scripts to perform any functionality or process that the Soffid API  has available.

Additionally, with this addon there is available the possibility to enable a special to get the metrics of the performance of the Soffid IAM components.

Download and install

This addon is located in the Addons section and its name is Administration (scripting) addon.

For download and install the addon you could review our generic documentation about this process: Addons installation

After the installation of the addon you could find its web page in the section: Main Menu > Soffid Configuration > Custom scripts


Below you could see the Custom Scripts web page:

Through this page you could perform the next operations:

  1. You could create a new custom script (Add new button)
  2. You could launch a custom script in two ways:
    1. You could execute the custom script On demand, and it will be executed at the moment that you click on the Execute now button.
    2. You could execute the custom script as a Scheduled task, and it will be executed as you have configured the timetable


Below you could find a list of helpful links related to the building of custom scripts:

Below you could find the API for the internal classes of Soffid:

Below you could find a set of custom utility classes: Utility classes

Below you could find a set of sample scripts: Sample scripts

And here other links:

A scripting reference into the agents page: Agents

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