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It is not recommended to install the first sync server on the same host where BBDD the database is installed.

To configure the server, please execute the following commands:


The administrator can open the sync servers configuration page to change the sync server role at any time.


Configure a synchronization server proxy without approval in UI


  • Open console and click on Start → Soffid Configuration → Soffid Parameters:


  • Click on Add New and, then, write the parameter soffid.server.register, set the direct value and click and, finally click on Confirm changes.


  • Execute the configuration of a synchronization server proxy as follows:

    On Linux:

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    /opt/soffid/iam-sync/bin/configure -hostname hostname -user usuario -pass pass -server https://<yourserver>:760 -tenant master

    On Windows:

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    %ProgramFiles%\soffid\iam-sync\bin\configure -hostname hostname -user usuario -pass pass -server https://<yourserver>:760 -tenant master

    Where hostname is the name of the synchronization server proxy, user and pass are the Soffid console user name and password and, finally, URL is the first synchronization server URL.


  • In the Soffid console, go to Start→ Soffid Configuration → Agents and click on Synchronization Servers to check if the synchronization server proxy has been registered.