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roleIdLongrole id
systemStringmanaged system (agent) name
nameStringrole name
applicationStringapplication system name
passwordProtectedbooleantrue if role should be password protected (where applicable)
descriptionStringRole description
ownedRolesList<Map<String,Object>>list of roles granted to this one
ownerRolesList<Map<String,Object>>list of roles grantee of this one
ownerGroupsList<Map<String,Object>>list of groups grantee of this role
grantedUserNamesgrantedAccountNamesList<String>list of user account names directly grantee of this role
allGrantedUsersgrantedAccountsList<Map<String,Object>>list of users directly grantee of this role
allGrantedUserNamesallGrantedAccountNamesList<String>list of user account names either directly or indirectly grantee of this role
grantedUsersallGrantedAccountsList<Map<String,Object>>list of users either directly or indirectly grantee of this role