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The Steps tab has several parts.

Workflow diagram steps

In this part, you could see This part has the set of the steps that of your workflow has.

You could select a step to see its configuration on its right side.


Finally, you could remove a step, you have to select the step and the button  will appear.

Notice that the list seems sequential, but a workflow diagram is not like a list or a tree, is like a graph, every step could have some incoming transitions and some outgoing transitions.

Step details

This part has the configuration details of the step.

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These are the main attributes:

  • Step name. Identifier, name, and label of the step.
  • Step type. The type of this step:
    • Start.  Step to start the workflow.
    • Screen. Step to show the user a form that must be completed.
    • Grant approval. Step to show the manager a form with the changes that must be approved.
    • Mail. Step to send a mail.
    • Custom. Step to add custom logic.
    • Apply changes. Step to apply the changes of the user to Soffid repository.
    • End. Step to end the workflow.
  • Description. Description of the step.

The configuration tabs are described below.

Tasks details






Incoming transitions


Outgoing transitions


Attributes section