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This configuration is almost the same that you can find in the Agents#Accountmetadata or in the Additional data#Modifyobjects.

The attributes created by default are needed for the workflow, do not remove them.

You can create a new attribute with the button Image Added.

Image Added

1252pxFor every attribute, you could configure the next points:

  • Code. Text used internally as an identifier by the system. Try to create a short one without spaces and with uppercase to separate words.
  • Label. Label displayed in the web page. This may be a name or a short description.
  • Data type. Data type of the value of the metadata attribute. The data type includes:
    • Basic data types as String or Boolean.
    • Extended data types as Photo or E-mail.
    • Default Soffid  objects as User or Group.
    • Your own custom objects created in Soffid. 
  • Multiple values. (Optional) If this flag is enabled, the metadata may contain more than one value.
  • Size. (Optional) Set the maximum length of the value.
  • Values. (Optional) You may create a set of values to provide to the user as a list. Use the button Image Added to create a new value. 

If the created metadata attribute should be deleted, click onImage Added, located on the right of the attribute.

These attributes will be used in the Steps tab to be mapped with the Soffid data.


Below you could find a set of workflows that you could import, edit and publish in your Soffid instance: