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A user objects are maps that hold the information belonging to a single user account

idLonguser id
accountIdLongaccount id
accountNameStringaccount name
systemStringmanaged system (agent) name
accountDescriptionStringaccount description
activeBooleantrue if user is active
accountDisabledBooleantrue if account is diabled
mailAliasStringblank separated mails
userNameStringuser name
primaryGroupStringuser's primary group name
commentsStringuser's comments
createdOnDateuser creation date
modifiedOnDateuser last modification date
mailDomainDateuser mail domain ( email right side of @)
fullNameStringuser full name
shortNameStringuser mail name (email left side of @)
firstNameStringuser first name
lastNameStringuser last name
lastName2Stringuser second last name (when applicable)
mailServerStringmail server host name
homeServerStringhome drive server host name
profileServerStringroaming profile server host name
phoneStringuser's phone number
userTypeStringuser type
createdByStringuser name creator of this user
modifiedByStringuser name modifier of this user

list of groups the user belongs to, including primary group

The attributes of the inner map are described later

attributesMap<String,String>additional user attributes
grantedRolesList<Map<String,Object>>list of grants directly granted to the user
allGrantedRolesList<Map<String,Object>>list of grants directly on indirectly granted to the user
grantedList<String>list of role names and group names directly granted to the user
allGrantedList<String>list of role names and group names directly or indirectly granted to the user
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