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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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Zarafa Connector could manage a Zarafa mail server.

Managed Systems

This connector is specific for integration with a  Zarafa mail server.

For more information about the Zarafa, please visit the following page: Zarafa

If your system is not in the previously list, it's possible to include it easily!

For more information to check if your system may be synchronized with this connector you do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact form


A Soffid Synchronization Server must be installed on the Zarafa server.

Download and install

This addon is located in the Connectors section and its name is Zarafa Connector.

For download and install the addon you could review our generic documentation about this process: Addons installation

Agent configuration


Generic parameters

After the installation of the addon, you may create and configure agent instances.

To configure this Zarafa Connector you could select "Zimbra Agent" or the "Customizable Zimbra Agent" in the attribute "Type" of the generic parameters section in the agents page configuration.

The difference between both agents is that "Customizable Zimbra Agent" allows "Attribute mapping" and to include "Account metadata".

For more information about how you may configure the generic parameters of the agent, see the following link: Agents configuration

Custom parameters

Below there are the specific parameters for this agent implementation:

Zimbra admin tool (zmprov)
Zarafa command line tool (this uses to be zarafa-admin)
Zimbra mailbox tool (zmmailxbox)

Existing role in Soffid to be mapped with the Zarafa administrator role. Every user who has this role granted will be created in Zarafa with the administrator flag on

Create alias profile
Values [ true , false ].
Fullname expresssion (only for Zimbra Agent)
Delete accounts (only for Customizable Zimbra Agent)
Values [ true , false ]. If "true" it allows to delete account in Zarafa when the account is deleted in Soffid.

Attribute mapping

This connector could manage Users, Groups and Roles.


  • Every task is done using zarafa-admin tool. So its behavior depends on zarafa server availability.
  • Zarafa needs every user to have a email address. If a user has no email or shortname, it's name will be used as mail address.
  • Soffid passwords expiration date will be managed by Soffid. So, Linux won't be notified about when those passwords needs to be expired.


  • Groups will be created and removed as zarafa groups.
  • Currently, the group hierarchy is not registered into Zarafa.


  • Roles bound to this system will be created as zarafa groups.
  • Any removed role will trigger the bound zarafa group to be removed.

The "Attribute Mapping" tab is only accessible for the "Customizable Zimbra Agent".


No properties are defined in for this agent.


You can map user, groups and role objects. These are some of the attributes to be mapped in those objects:

System attributeDescription
zimbraAccountStatusaccountDisabled ? "closed": "active"

For more information about how you may configure attribute mapping, see the following link: Soffid Attribute Mapping Reference


For example:

Load Triggers

Pending to be documented.

Access Control

Pending to be documented.

Account Metadata

Pending to be documented.



After the agent configuration you could check in the monitoring page if the service is running in the Synchronization Server, please go to "Start Menu > Monitoring and reporting > System monitoring".



If you are checked "Authorized identity source", an automatic task to load identities from the managed system to Soffid is available, please go to "Start Menu > Processes and Tasks > Manage automatic tasks", and you will something like "Import authoritative data from <AGENT_NAME>".


If your are configured the "Attribute Mapping" tab with some of our objects: "user, account, role, group or grant", an automatic task to synchronize these objects from the managed system to Soffid is available, please go to "Start Menu > Processes and Tasks > Manage automatic tasks", and you will something like "Reconcile all accounts from <AGENT_NAME>".


About the synchronization of the objects, there are two possible options:

  • If you are checked the generic attribute "Read Only" in the "Basics" tab, only the changes in the managed systems will be updated in Soffid. We recommend this options until the global configuration of Soffid will be tested.
  • If you are not checked the generic attribute "Read Only" in the "Basics" tab, all the changes in Soffid or the managed system will be updated in the other. Note that this synchronization must be configured in the "Attribute mapping" tab correctly.


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