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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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Most Soffid data item can be managed using web service calls.

The following web services are available as an additional addon:

AccountsManage shared accounts
ApplicationsManage information systems, also known as applications
ConfigurationQuery Soffid configuration parameters
EntryPointsManage application entry points, including self-service application tree and single sign on rules
GroupsManage business units, also known as groups
HostsManage hosts inventory
MailDomainsManage mail domains
MailListsManage mail lists
NetworksManage TCP/IP networks
OperatingSystemsManage operating system types
PasswordDomainsManage password domains. A password domain will be applied to some or all managed systems
PasswordPoliciesManage password domain password policy. There can be a password policy for each user type on each password domain.
PasswordsEnables some password related tasks.
PrintersManage printers inventory
RoleGrantsManage role assignment to either users, roles or groups.
SessionsQueries active session catalog
SystemsQueries basic information about managed systems. Critical information is not available to web service consumers.
UserAccountsManager user owned accounts
UserDomainsManage user domains. A user domain will be applied to some or all managed systems
UsersManage users. This service allows user administrators to reset the user password.
UserTypesManage user types.


A WSDL example: http://<SOFFID>/webservice/services/AttributeTranslation?wsdl


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