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After upgrading Soffid Service Pack version, it is strongly recommended to upgrade the Soffid Synchronization Server to the latest version.

Otherwise, some issues, may arise when reconciling an account.






Upgrade Sync Server

Check version

  • In order to check the current Sync Server version, please navigate to Start - Monitoring and reporting - System monitoring.

  • Then, in the Soffid Sync Server status, please go to Additional Information under the Status column. A new table appears displaying the current installed version.



















Download new version

  • If your current version is not up to date, please open a browser and go to the Download Enterprise components web page:
  • Click in Synchronization server, and click again in Service pack's latest version. Please download a jar file.














Upgrade Sync Server

  • In the browser, go to Soffid console, click Start - Soffid Configuration - Addon management.

  • On the new screen, please click Upload button.

  • A new window will appear. Click in Select File and choose the jar file that was downloaded in the previous step. Press upload and wait until the prompt confirms the update.

  • A new row showing Soffid IAM Synchronization Server and the version will be added in the installed plugins list. However, for full installation please restart your service.







Restart soffid-sync service

  • In order to do so, please proceed to Start - Monitoring and reporting - System monitoring. 

  • In the table Soffid Sync Server Status, in the Status column, please click on the circular arrows button and restart the server.







  • Please wait until the red traffic light turns green. Then, press the i (Information) button to check the current version of the Sync server.

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