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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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Soffid 3 documentation

You can find the Soffid 3 documentation following the next link:

Soffid IAM console

Soffid console is the entry point to Soffid. It is used by identity administrator, human resource department and end users (through the Self Service Portal).

The Soffid console will allow to manage identities and resources to be accessed by identities, including hosts, printers, shared folders or corporate applications.

In order to get this task done, Soffid manages four type of resources:

  • Human resources

  • Technological resources

  • Information systems

  • Custom objects

User interface guidelines

The Soffid Start button is located on the left up corner of the page. Pressing on the Start button a menu will show you the management areas the user is authorized to.

On the right side, you can see the user name who is logged on Soffid. Clicking on it, you can access the user profile. Also, a close session button let you quit Soffid.


Most of them are split in three areas:

Search criteria

This area allows to select which objects will be shown, through the application of various filters, at the administrator's discretion.

Other filters can be added, by clicking on  and choosing the desired one:

Or delete existing ones, clicking on the X:


This area show all the objects that meet the filter criteria.

In this area a plus button  allows to create new objects; a minus button  allows to delete objects and an export button  allows to download all data objects present in the navigator in CSV format.

The button allows to see all the fields that can be displayed, as shown:



Show information about the selected object in the browser. A close button  will close this window.

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