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Self service portal

The main purpose of Self Service Portal is to reduce the workload of IT department, as well as improve overall security of IT system.

In order to access this module, users must open http://ourserver:8080/selfservice/index.zul where ourserver is the name of the server where Soffid is installed.

Every single user of the IT systems will be allowed to use self service portal.


Application tree

Single users see all the applications that he can use and he can access them clicking on it from this tree nodes.

Assigned workflow tasks

See process and tasks topic.


All accounts assigned to the user (user accounts, shared or privilege) will be show here. User can query the password or change it if the password policy permits.

Accounts with expired passwords, or near to expired ones, will be show in different colours.

Basic user information

Users can see his name, assigned groups and applications permissions (roles).

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