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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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This addon allows synchronization server to work offline.

In order to install it, access to a host with the same database system is needed. First, you need to create an empty database and the user for it management. Then you can install the replica addon on your system.

After restart the console, the agent management screen will have a new tab: Backup databases. Add a new replica database. In order to create it insert the database name, the database url and the dba user and his password. If you want to disable replicas, you can delete this entry.

Main synchronization server must be configured too.

A new replica agent will be automatically created. And this agent creates automatically all tables and populate them in replica database. After finish creating and populating, the agent begin to replicate esso sessions, passwords, ... If the main database collapse, users can continue open esso session, changing passwords, making changes on workstation configuration and so on without any problems. Synchronization server checks main database status every few minuts and when it finds main online all changes will be replicate. 

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