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When a user opens a task, the task execution page is displayed (Start → Processes and tasks). The task contents page will be different for each type of task, but all of them share a common functionality.

This page will have four tab panels. The first one is task specific and the other three are common to every task.

If the task is not started, it will be read only. When the user press the start botton, it will be marked as started and assigned to the active user.

If the task is already assigned to the another user, the active user will have the chance to “steal” the task pressing the Take Ownership button.

When a user owning the task opens it, just below any specific control, a text box allows the user to add comments. At the bottom left corner a new set of buttons will appear:

  • The Close button will, close the task window (not the task itself), not saving any data changed or entered by the user.

  • The Delegate button will allow the user to select another user as the current task owner.

  • The Save button will save any entered or changed data and close the task page.

At the bottom right corner there will be one or more buttons. Each one refers to one workflow path currently available.

The second tab panel contains the log of each performed action. It will contain any performed transition, time and date and author.

The third tab panel contains the documents that are attached to the task. The user will be allowed to download those document and to download and verify any digital signature attached to it. Some tasks even allow the user to upload documents.

The last tab panel contains the comments added by any user during the business process execution.

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