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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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This addon provides the functionality to review users permissions.

In order to install it is nedeed to upload the recertification addon and three workflows:

To begin the recertification process an user with SOFFID_ADMIN permisssion must start it.

Once started, it is needed to select on or some groups to apply the recertification process to, as well the role to identify the business unit manager, who will be responsible for recertificate the current active users. Next step is to select and the applications (a.k.a. Information Systems) whose IT roles will be recertified.It is possible to select more than one group or application to recertificate. Then click on recertificate button.

In small organization, it's possible to select the user name of the manager for each selected group.

At this moment, at any manager's inbox, with the manager role, appears a new task with all users in group to recertificate. One of them can takeownership and begin with the recertification.

The following step is review the list with roles from the application in that group and decide if they should be keep them or not.

During all process authorizated users can look up the recertification process status and information from the menu entry 'Recertification Info' located in 'Start/Resource Management/Information Systems'.

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