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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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Soffid 3 documentation

You can find the Soffid 3 documentation following the next link:


This add-on provides the functionality to a user to reset his password.


In order to install it is needed to download the Password Recovery Add-on in the Soffid download's page.

Then, on the Soffid's Addon Management page, upload the addon:

Once installed, it is necessary to reset the Console and, finally, configure it. If the user has ESSO the flow works in the S.O. login page.


A new entry menu has appeard, once installed the addon:

The Retrieve password configuration have some parameters:

  • Enable email recovery: it allows to recover the password via email sended to an authorizated mailbox.
  • Enable question & answer recovery: by checking this option, a question and a control response will be requested.
  • Preferred method: in case you select both previous options, this drop-drown allows you to priorize one option over the other.
  • Enforce fill-in questions: forces to answer the control question to recover the password.

    • Required: if this option is selected, the system will check if the user questions are answered correctly.
      If the user have not a required number of questions defined or he have not answered all his questions, the system will show the retrieve password questions page.
    • Optional: when this option is selected, the system will check the user questions but it will not show the retrieve password questions page if the user questions does not meet the configuration parameters.

  • Minimum number of questions filling: indicates the minimum number of user questions that must be have a answer in the user profile.
  • Questions to answer to unlock: indicates the number or questions that must be formulated to the user to reset his password.
  • Number of answers to unlock: indicates the number of answers that must be answered by the user to reset his password.

The user must fill the answers in the Selfservice portal. See you Youtube Soffid channel.


When the users want retrieve their passwords, they must have completed their questions and answers. If the system does not require it when the user start his session, he can complete it in his profile. Also, he can add and delete questions.

If the user have correctly configured his questions, to retrieve password he will follow the next steps to give to system sufficient information to prove their identity.

  1. They must indicates their username.

  2. They must answer the required questions.
  3. They must set the new password.

If the previous steps was correctly completed, the user session will be open and the user will can operate again.

Another example in our Youtube Soffid channel.


This is how it works in ESSO with Windows. See Youtube Soffid channel.

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