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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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The PAM session service allows end-users and administrators to use critical resources without knowing the password required to use it.

This service is only released as a docker service. Then, the steps required to get it are:

  1. Install docker ( )
  2. Create the storage server container
  3. Create the launcher container
  4. Register storage server in Soffid console.

Fast path to create storage server and launcher containers

To create both, you can download and execute the following script: You will get something similar to this. When the process is complete, two docker containers should be created: soffid-pam-store and soffid-pam-launcher.

Install PAM Session service

~/Downloads$ bash ./
Creating store server
Waiting for store server
Creating launch server
Process completed
Notice: You must register the store server in Soffid console:
User name: bubu-thinkpad
Password : DRFoeOsD02yph7DERNcAZB8jp3b67bO3D/Ax3uS4PbzuBnPbQLhR1lyAu9PFqRJ0
~/Downloads$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID IMAGE                 COMMAND                  CREATED         STATUS         PORTS                    NAMES
854d7aff5c0a soffid/pam-launcher   "/bin/sh -c /opt/sof…"   4 minutes ago   Up 4 minutes>8080/tcp   soffid-pam-launcher
7d66a3d3cfa1 soffid/pam-store      "/bin/sh -c /opt/sof…"   4 minutes ago   Up 4 minutes>8080/tcp   soffid-pam-store

Next, you must open the Jump Server page in Soffid console. At this page, you must register the store and launcher servers, using the user name and password displayed it the previous step:

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