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All reports executed by the user or executed by a time schedule will be displayed at executed reports tab. The user can download it in native (PDF) format, but HTML, CSV and XLS formats are available as well.

The user can also remove any executed report by clicking on . Mind that for scheduled reports with more than one target user, to remove the report will have no impact on disk storage unless all the target users remove it.

Execute reports

To execute reports, from either executed or scheduled reports, press on the "Generate report" button.

Afterwards, select the report you want to execute and click next:

The parameters for this report will be displayed, allowing the user to customize it:

Finally, the user can execute the report or (if allowed) schedule the execution. On the schedule screen, the user can select the time period to execute it (cron style) and the target users of the executed report. The time period pattern allows the user to schedule a report to be executed monthly, weekly, daily of even hourly. Multiple target users and groups can be specified. Mind that specifiying a group name the group evaluation will be performed on report execution time, and only the members of the group and report execution time will be allowed to see the resulting report.

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