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Go to Start → Resource management → Custom object types. On this page we can find the custom objects that have been created in the additional data menu and set values for them.

Setting values

To do this, select the custom object created previously, CRM.


Click on to add an option for the custom object (name and description are default fields) and detail the attribute created, SUBDIVISION, remembering that the data type defined before was string.


Then, click on to save the data.

Display of additional data

Now, created the custom object and detailed its possible values, the "user" menu is accessed, any of them is selected and it is observed that the field SUBDIVISION, corresponding to the custom object CRM, appears on the bottom of the user page.

Then, click on and the menu of custom object types (previously defined by the administrator) is displayed.

Select the right one, click on Accept button and modification will be applied:

Then, click on to save data.

If it is necessary to remove the attribute, click on the field not urderlined and manually delete.

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