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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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Soffid 3 documentation

You can find the Soffid 3 documentation following the next link:


There are several Addons available to be installed to add functionalities to the Soffid Console.

These addons can be found at: in the Addons section.

Or also in the enterprise secction if you already have a Soffid account:


To install these addons, please log in to the web console with a user with admin permissions.

Then navigate to Start > Soffid Configuration > Addon management,

Click on Upload to select an addon to install:

Then, select the .jar file and upload to console:

Finally, confirm to restart the server in order for the changes to be applied correctly:

For more information about the addons, take a look at the various available addons:

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