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Important notice! This documentation is out of date and refers to Soffid version 2

Soffid 3 documentation is available

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Soffid 3 documentation

You can find the Soffid 3 documentation following the next link:


If you need to connect Soffid with your managed systems, you may install the specific connector addons for your systems and, after that, an agent must be configured in the Soffid console.

The connectors available for Soffid IAM can be found in the project website in the Connectors section.


To download connectors you may access first to Soffid Download Manager.

A Soffid's user with authorization is required to access this functionality.

Click on Connectors and choose the latest version of the connector for your environment.

Please you may review the version restrictions, some addons only works since Soffid Console 2.x


Once the connector is downloaded, please log into your Soffid IAM Console:

You need to be administrator of the Soffid console or a user with permissions to upload agents.

In your Soffid IAM Console, click in Start menu > Soffid configuration > Addon Management.

In the Addon Management please Upload the downloaded file:

In the following popup screen, please search the file and click upload to upload it into the Soffid Console

Now your add-on (for example the SCIM addon) is charged in your Soffid IAM Console but not accessible yet.

Finally, a restart is required to publish the functionality of the connector.

Configuring agents

After the installation of your connector addons, you may to create and configure an agent instances.

Please go to Start menu > Soffid Configuration > Agents and click on Add new.


Every agent has different sections:

  • First of all there are the generic attributes, common to all agents.

For more information about the generic parameter, see the following link: Agents

  • After generic attributes, there are the custom attributes, specifics of every agent.

For more information about the agent custom parameters and its implemented features, search and visit the specific addon: List of Connectors Addons

Some advices:

  • Every agent is identified by a unique name. Please bear in mind, that once created, it cannot be easily changed. It is advisable to use a systematic coding for the naming conventions. For example, use full qualified name for managed active directories, databases name for database, etc.

  • Every agent is an instance of the attribute Type, when you install a new connector addon the list of types will be increased. You could create all the agents as you wish from the same type.

Connectors list

Here you will find all the information needed about the available Soffid connectors to integrate external managed systems. If you miss something important, don't mind to make suggestions using

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